A Year in Review

I’m not sure how it happened but we’ve almost run out of 2014. While it still feels like June (minus the weather), the calendar doesn’t lie: we’ve got three days left.

Rather than contemplate the inexorable march of time, we decided to drink some mulled wine, nibble on a minced pie and take a look back at the year just passed.


When Scotland’s Roads Glowed Green

Remember back in July when the military drove nuclear bombs through the centre of Glasgow? No? Neither do most people because it was kept on the down-low.

I don’t want to get into an argument over the morality of nuclear weapons. That’s a discussion for another day. That said, someone thought it was a good idea to drive nuclear bombs through the middle of a city. That is a scary prospect.

I also thought it was a bit weird that peace activists tried to hold up the convoy. Yep, the people who object to nuclear weapons tried to prolong the time a nuclear bomb sat beside a densely populated city. It was a weird summer.


The 5 Strangest Deliveries Ever

Since we’re in the courier industry, we hear a lot of stories about weird deliveries. In June, I started jotting these stories down. In July, I polished the stories up and published an article detailing all the weird and wonderful packages we had heard about.

There was FedEx couriering illegal drugs, a brick-based revolution and a cat being shot through a pressurised tube.

Nothing I can write here will do it justice. Just go read it.


The Man Who Built a £150,000 Road

Cast your minds back to August and Englishman Mike Watts. Genius, entrepreneur, businessman, gambler and fool. Those were some of the labels attached amateur road builder Watts.

The torrential rains of January and February had wrecked a stretch of the A431 between Bath and Bristol. Due to fears of a landslip, the road was closed for months of repairs and reinforcements. The only available route between Bath and Bristol was now 17-miles long.

Eagle-eyed Watts noticed that the damaged part of the A431 was actually quite short. If you took a shortcut through an adjacent field, you could avoid the 17-mile diversion. However, after one too many cars got bogged down in the marshy field, Watts realised that he would have to build a proper road. So he did.


Scotland & Transport: A Love Story

Remember when Scotland almost became an independent country? That was a fun couple of months. Regardless of your feelings about the result, our national identity changed a bit.

We’re now much more ready to acknowledge the successes of our past and praise the accomplishments of our present. We’re not just some small country sitting on England. We’re Scotland. We invented threshing, hollow pipe drainage, the adhesive stamp, radar, the theory behind radio, cordite, the screw propellor, and tubular steel.

We’re good at inventing stuff and I thought that needed celebrating. I scoured Scotland’s heritage for our greatest contributions to engineering and wrote an homage to Scotland’s love story with engineering.



Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Car

It’s easy to simply watch as summer slides into autumn and autumn shimmies into winter and not do anything. But cars aren’t set up for all conditions. When the roads get icy, you have to make changes or you’ll end up pirouetting into a hedge.

We thought it was high time we put out a public service announcement targeted at winter driving. Get your car set up nice and early and make your journeys as safe as possible.


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