What You Need To Know About Sending Urgent or Sensitive Files with Documents Couriers

We’re all guilty of leaving a parcel delivery to the last minute. How many times have we said to ourselves “I’ll deal with it tomorrow” or “I’ve got loads of time”, and then our hectic life schedules get in the way?

We’re here to offer you peace of mind by letting you know we’ve got your back. At Caledonian Couriers, we offer a range of document delivery services that ensure your time-sensitive and important documents reach their desired destination on time and in one-piece. In this article we’re going to inform you of the different delivery services we offer and why they will benefit your business.


Document Delivery Services

Our dedicated document delivery service offers an efficient and entrusted door to door service that allows you to keep an eye on the whereabouts of your urgent or confidential documents through real-time GPS tracking.

Through our online booking system or an informative phone call, your delivery can be processed, and depending on the urgency of the file, one of our dedicated team will be on hand to pick up the parcel and carry out a punctual and secure delivery.




UK Next Day Delivery

If you’re in desperate need of sending your time-sensitive document for next day delivery, our excellent service will ensure that your document makes it to any destination throughout the UK.

All you’ve got to do is arrange the delivery before 5pm on the day before you want your urgent delivery to arrive. The service offers a variety of delivery times, but the earlier you arrange your delivery, the more chance your business has of receiving your parcel nice and early the following day.

UK Next Day Delivery is the most cost-effective express delivery we provide for non-dedicated courier deliveries. All of our next day consignments are priced by destination, size and weight.


Immediate Same Day By Road

If you find yourself in the situation of needing to deliver important documents urgently, our same day delivery by road service is an absolute life-saver. Once you have contacted us, one of our dedicated couriers will be on his way to a location specified by you with immediate effect. If an immediate pick up doesn’t suit you, a later time can be arranged.

This service offers your business maximum flexibility in regards to urgent or confidential files. Whether it be important legal documents or passports and visas, our same day courier service can guarantee that your documents will be safely secured and delivered on time.

Available 7 days a week across the UK, our service offers a full range of vehicles to suit your specific requirements. On top of this, all our vehicles come with GPS tracking installed, so you can easily track your packages in real-time.




Same Day Delivery By Air

If time really isn’t on your side, our same day delivery by air service can be one of the fastest and surprisingly, cost-effective ways to deliver your company’s urgent documents across the UK.

In contrast to the frantic organisation of immediate collection and delivery, the transport of your time-sensitive parcels will be scheduled around the domestic flights for that specific day.

This daily courier service works best with smaller items, so files, documents and letters are perfectly suited. It’s an incredibly convenient door to door service and an instant stress-reliever!

By using our dedicated couriers and airline partners we fly to a whole host of major UK airports including Glasgow International, London Heathrow, Belfast International, Birmingham Airport and many more.


On-Board Hand Carry Air Courier Service

If you want to ensure that your high-value, important or time-sensitive documents are being transported with the utmost level of safety and security, our on-board hand carry air courier Service is a reliable service that is sure to give you peace of mind during the delivery service.

At Caledonian Couriers, we offer a range of flexible options on our On-Board Carry Air Courier Service. If you’ve forgotten, or left a delivery to the last minute, we are on hand to deliver on-demand, immediate action. We also provide pre-scheduled, one-way and round-trip opportunities – all of which provide a guaranteed delivery and protective cover from loss, theft, or damage. Prices range depending on each service and package size restrictions vary by airline.
International Courier Services

If your business is involved in international wheelings and dealings, our international courier service offers express delivery to 220 countries worldwide.

In the incredibly connected, modern world that we live in, we can provide a premium door to door, next day delivery service on parcels weighing up to 68kg to most major European cities. You will however, have to arrange your delivery between 9.00 am – 10.30am.

Premium next day delivery to the USA is also available by 10.30am the day before arrival whereas next day delivery to Canada can be as late as 12pm the day before.

All of our clients benefit from a number of handy services and features in regards to international deliveries. All of your collections will be picked up by trained and dedicated couriers. On your parcel’s journey, you will be able to track the progress of your shipment and you’ll also receive an email notification of proof of delivery when the document arrives.


on-board-air courier


Protecting and Packaging Sensitive Documents

We understand that you may be in a frenzy before handing your document/parcel over to one of our couriers. However, if you have the time, we highly recommend that you take the right packaging precautions to ensure your sensitive documents are not rifled through or tampered with while in transit.

Marking the envelope of your confidential documents with the words “Private and Confidential” will inform our courier of the importance of the contents and will ensure that they keep the documents protected at all times.


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