What To Keep In Your Winter Car Kit: The Car Essentials

The darkness has started to dawn before 5pm and the ground is frosting over. It’s officially winter.

The combination of cold, ice, and darkness does not bode well for unprepared drivers. It’s important to have some winter car essentials on hand in case of emergencies.

So, you’ve got a full petrol tank and your car keys. Sorted? Not quite. Sometimes you can get away without a winter car kit, but we really don’t recommend it.

Before venturing onto the roads, update your winter car safety kit using this list!



Winter Wardrobe

You don’t need a full wardrobe packed in your car, but it’s a good idea to have a few key items of clothing for emergencies.

A comfortable driver is a safe driver so don’t wrap up in so many layers that sweat starts dripping off your forehead. Keep them in the boot!

A thick winter coat, gloves, spare jumper, a hat and gloves are basic winter car essentials.

Add a pair of sturdy boots with a good grip to your inventory. Of course, drive in sensible shoes, but if you need to venture out your car into 6-inches of snow, you’ll want something more practical than trainers. There’s nothing worse than returning to your car with sodden shoes, stranded and shivering until someone comes to your rescue!

Round off your mini wardrobe with a high-visibility jacket. In some European countries, it’s a legal requirement to have one. If you need to leave your car, oncoming traffic will easily spot you.



Ice Scraper and De-Icer

Legally, your front and rear windscreens must be completely clear of snow and ice before driving, otherwise, you face a fine and penalty points.

Not everyone has a heated windscreen so having an ice scraper and de-icer on hand will hurry along the thawing process.

You’ll need to use these before your journey, but for your return journey and if your windows begin to freeze over whilst you’re out, these are crucial things to keep in your car.



First Aid Kit

A first aid kit when you’re stranded and injured is a godsend.

The British Standards Institution (BSI) have developed a national standard first aid kit. You should have a small kit which includes sterile cleansing wipes, waterproof plasters, dressings, scissors, gloves, and a face shield.



Food and Drinks

Picture this: you’re stuck in your car by the roadside, in the darkness, freezing cold… and hungry.

Pack some food to quell those inevitable hunger pangs. Prep a flask of hot tea or coffee before you leave, and store non-perishable foods like energy bars and packets of crisps to keep you sated until you get moving again.



Torch and Batteries

Let there be light! Having a bright torch with spare batteries or a decent wind-up torch is definitely a car essential.

When you need to check a punctured tire or retrieve something from your boot, having a torch will keep you safer, a necessity especially when you’re driving alone or with children.

Don’t rely on your smartphone as a torch, we all know how fast modern gadgets run out of battery.




Not all roads you travel will be well maintained – you’ll likely drive down roads thick with snow.

Having a shovel in your boot might seem extreme but it could be the difference between staying trapped in thick snow or releasing yourself.

You don’t need a heavy metal shovel – source a lightweight foldable one. Just ensure it’s sturdy enough that it won’t snap when you hit a chunk of ice!

Less than one-third of drivers say they carry a shovel in their boot. Become of the one-third of the driving nation who are prepared this winter!



Sat Nav and Road Atlas

It’s already going to be cold and dark so don’t add getting lost into the mix. A Sat Nav is worthy of adding to your list of car essentials for the winter.

Don’t be tempted to rely on your phone. You might need to use both at once, or your phone may die.

And in case your Sat Nav conks out, it’s useful to have a traditional road atlas in your winter car kit. Just make sure you know how to read it!



Phone Chargers

It’s bad enough your phone battery dying on your daily commute, let alone when you’re stuck on the side of the road on a pitch black, freezing cold December evening.

Having a car phone charger or a portable power bank should be in your winter car kit. Your phone is your lifeline to the outside world, otherwise, you’ll have to trek to the nearest emergency phone box or village!



Gather These Car Essentials!

Make sure that you are prepared for the winter snap by keeping these key items in your car. You never know when you might need them! Make sure you prepare your car too.

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