The Subscription Box Edit: What to Try in 2017

Are you a subscription box convert?

The sheer variety of boxes popping up now is testimony to their growing popularity in the UK. As couriers, we love it! From food to stationery, there is a box to suit all tastes and the most recent trends tend towards practical necessities, and all beautifully packed and presented. You’ll never want to buy razors or sanitary products in a boring old supermarket again.

The benefits of subscription boxes extend beyond the time they save you shopping or selecting. Wholesale discounts are passed on, meaning that you get a lot for your money when the company are doing it right. Plus – exciting mail!

We’ve asked round the office and done a little research to find our favourite ideas for subscription boxes. We too, love delivering boxes that bring smiles, so we hope that you feel inspired to treat yourself after this!

Food & Drink Subscription Box

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re a meat-eater, then it’s likely that you’ve been thinking a lot about the origins of your food recently. Farmison takes the mystery out of high quality, UK-sourced meat, sending you the best cuts each month to stock the freezer.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are vegan, veggie and paleo-diet subscription boxes. Check out The Vegan Kind and make sure you never run out of your favourite foods again.

If you’re trying to keep track of snacking, then try the original snack subscription; the Graze box. Primal snack boxes offer vegan and paleo options, too.

Next, as we are in the UK, after all, are the tea and coffee boxes. Pact is the most well-known of the coffee boxes, keeping you caffeine-fuelled with delicious beans at all times. We have recently discovered the London Tea Club, who will send beautiful glass tubes of loose-leaf tea depending on your taste.

Finally, what about a boozy box? If you’re partial to a wee glass of something every now and then, there’s a box for you, too! We love the Tipple Box, which will send you the ingredients to mix up beautiful cocktails. Wine connoisseurs will appreciate Le Petit Ballon, a monthly, sommelier-selected pair of wines, straight to your door.

Beauty Subscription Box

There are so many beauty boxes out there, that you might want to try a few out and see how you get on! For the budget option, the Glossy Box will send you five gorgeous products for £10 a month.

Feeling flush? The Cohorted box is more pricey at £35, but the savings are also even better. It contains luxury brand cosmetics and skincare, in a hand-packaged signature black box.

If you’re a sustainable and organic beauty fan, then have a look at Love Lula. This natural beauty shop has its very own subscription box so you can test out products you might not have considered before.

Home Life Subscription Box

These boxes help you relax and make the most of your time with family, or just chilling out yourself!

Bookworms love The Willoughby Book Club – answer a few questions about your reading habits and receive a book a month, hand-picked for you, your best friend, your kids, everyone is invited!

For stationery addicts, the Green Gables’ Happy Paper Club is a small but mighty paper subscription. Perfect for putting a smile on your face if it’s turning into a tough month.

The Creation Crate is for tech fans. Each box contains the kit to build something electronic, mechanical, or just generally cool.

If you have kids to entertain over the holidays, then the Letterbox Lab is the perfect way to bring Science class back home. Each box contains the materials and instructions to conduct some fascinating and fun science experiments.

And don’t forget about four-legged friends! The Pawsome box is full of treats and toys for the handsome pupper in your life, and you can find boxes for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs …

Self-Care and Little Treats Subscription Box

subscription box

The perfect gift for a homesick Scot, the Wee Box is a beautifully curated selection of Scottish treats, posted out each month.

The Pink Parcel figured out that your period doesn’t have to be the worst time of the month. They’ll send you all the sanitary products you need on time, plus a few choice goodies to remind you to look after yourself.

Been feeling blue for too long, or got a friend that you’re thinking about? The Buddy Box is a helping hand towards self-care when mental health issues are getting you down. Think teabags, uplifting gifts and a gentle reminder that a depressed or anxious mind can be guided into relaxation sometimes.

Last but not least, we love the idea of shaving boxes for the men in your life. Get top quality razors, and skincare to suit your regime delivered according to how regularly you shave. Grüum will keep you stocked with what you need, when you need it and make sure that you’re using quality products day to day.

This blog has just skimmed the surface of the subscription box offers out there. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this – do you have a subscription? And what would you love to receive in a monthly box if you could pick anything?

In the meantime, if you fancy making your own subscription box to send to a friend and need some help with delivery, just give us a bell! Happy unwrapping!