The Ins and Outs of Eco Friendly Packaging

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 was a shock to the system for consumers and businesses alike – the reality behind our excessive plastic consumption is not a pretty sight.

Consumer priorities have been shifting for years in regards to the use of eco friendly packaging.

Whilst it was once viewed as a hassle to source an item in recyclable packaging, often paying a premium for the privilege, buyers have moved more heavily towards environmentally friendly packaging.

Every day, thousands of packages are shipped across the country in non recyclable materials, creating a colossal amount of waste.

Apart from saving the environment, why else is using eco friendly packaging beneficial to businesses?

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As we’ve mentioned, consumers are challenging businesses to adopt more eco friendly packaging.

Unilever surveyed 20,000 adults from 5 different countries and found that 1 in 3 customers are consciously choosing to purchase items from brands with positive social or environmental values.

They also found that 1 in 5 said that they would be more likely to buy a product if it had clear sustainability credentials labelled on the packaging.

Committing to eco friendly packaging helps businesses to paint themselves as more responsible and in-tune with customer demands.

Consequently, consumers’ view these brands more favourably and are more likely to invest in their products, boosting the company’s sales.

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In the same vein, adopting a greener approach to your business conduct can have a positive effect on your workforce.

When an employee feels that their work has a positive impact, they feel more empowered and motivated to do a good job, acting as an ambassador for a worthy cause.

Eco friendly packing feeds into this wider green attitude, incentivising workers to be more productive.

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Efficient Manufacturing

Contrary to what many might think, manufacturing can be made far more efficient and cheaper by switching to eco friendly packaging

Whilst non recyclable materials like styrofoam and plastic bags are widely used for their cheapness, businesses can save energy and money by ditching them.

Often, packages are delivered with multiple unnecessary layers of paper, plastic, and styrofoam.

When you examine what your businesses’ actual minimum packaging needs are, you’ll realise you need far less than what you currently use.

Smarter thinking about packaging use equals decreased production runs, decreased energy use, and decreased energy expenditure and material costs.

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Compact and Reliable

Creating eco friendly packaging that fits products more snugly inside, rather than creating large parcels with lots of ‘wasted space’ inside can also save money for businesses.

It’s easier to store and transport items in lightweight and compact packaging. The parcels require less room and weigh less, allowing more items to be transported in a single delivery run, cutting fuel costs.

There is no need to worry that these items aren’t adequately cushioned inside. Opting for eco friendly packaging and thinking more deeply about package design means that the end packing materials are robust and reliable.

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Types of Eco Friendly Packaging

There are so many new options on the market today when it comes to recyclable packaging.


Biodegradable packing peanuts

In many areas across the globe, styrofoam has been banned, pushing styrofoam packing peanuts out of the picture.

Luckily, there is an identical starch-based alternative that is fully biodegradable.

They are non-toxic, water-soluble, and do a fantastic job of cushioning products from any blows involved in delivery.


Corrugated Cardboard

Bubble wrap is fun to pop, but once the air pockets have been burst and its dumped in the bin and sent to landfill, it’s not so fun anymore.

Corrugated cardboard can be used in place of plastic bubble wrap, and is 100% recyclable and reusable, unlike popped bubble wrap!

It has deep indentations to absorb any external blows, perfect for wrapping around breakable items.


Mushroom Packaging

Mushrooms are a very interesting alternative to styrofoam!

Mushrooms are cleaned up and ground down, moulded into various shapes to protect products.

It’s renewable and biodegradable, making use of agricultural waste that would otherwise be given no new lease of life.

IKEA have started rolling out their use of mushroom packaging in a bid to cut down on their waste.

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Commence Mushroom Production!

Switching to eco friendly packaging is a valuable and effective business move to make.

Attracting new customers and saving money on manufacturing, materials, and transportation are all major bonuses in addition to helping to save the planet!

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