Protect Your Reputation With Caledonian Couriers

Have you ever had to explain to a client or customer why their delivery was late? Have you felt that small dent to your reputation getting bigger and bigger as your delivery company made excuse after excuse? Well today is the day you say enough is enough and switch to a dedicated courier.

We believe there really is no excuse for poor delivery service. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to make sure you get the best courier service day in day out. But there’s lots of courier companies out there all saying the same thing. So what sets us apart from the crowd?

Our speed

We offer next day delivery to the whole of the UK, Europe and Canada. No really, we do. Whether it’s by road or air we make it our mission to get your most important packages to their final destination as soon as possible.

Don’t settle for the 5-working-day quotes you get from the big delivery firms. If you want fast dedicated service, you’ve got to go with a courier.

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Our professionalism

We’ve all seen the nightmare YouTube videos showing packages thrown over fences and left out in the rain. Frankly, it makes us more than a little embarrassed that another courier would act in such a way.

However, choosing Caledonian means choosing quality. We don’t settle for second best, so we carefully select all of our staff to ensure the very best service across our company. We have only the brightest boffins in our logistics room and our cheeriest chaps in the vans.

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Our sense of responsibility

Companies hire couriers to relieve the stress of deliveries. So making sure that customers actually remain completely stress-free is a bit part of our company ethic. This is why we invented the “Total Courier Management” approach. Through this we take on all the responsibility for packages from the moment we uplift to the second we successfully deliver it. Just show us what to deliver, point us in the right direction, sit back and relax.

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Our experience

With over 50 years experience in our management team, we’ve almost seen it all. We’ve worked with everyone from small start-ups to blue chip companies and we’ve kept a steady hand on the helm through the most challenging circumstances.

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