How to Prepare A Parcel for International Shipping

There are a few things that you need to consider before packing a parcel for international shipping. The last thing you want is to risk your goods not arriving in pristine condition, or worse not arrive at all!

We’ve summarised the top steps that you need to get right as you pack, with a focus on also making the end result look professional

No matter what you need to pack, we’ll cover the basics to ensure your parcel for international shipping arrives in tip-top condition.


Wrapping Fragile Items for International Shipping


When packing fragile items such as glass or ceramics, the first thing to consider is to make sure that the items do not touch each other or the side of the box.

This means plenty of bubblewrap not just surrounding the item and filling it, but also cushioning the object from the box itself. Although your cardboard box isn’t very hard and wouldn’t damage any fragile objects on its own, who’s to say what it’ll be thrown in a van with?

Other packing options could also include polystyrene chips or newspaper if you’re trying to recycle.

Putting fragile stickers on a box can also be a way to further ensure that the delivery company take extra care when transporting your parcel.


Prepare Documents for International Shipping

how to package documents for international delivery


Document delivery is becoming less and less common, but sometimes you still find that you need to send a hard document, rather than scan and send! Most commonly for visa applications, these parcels are often hugely valuable in terms of time-effort, or the fact that they are unique and contain personal documents.

Make sure that you cannot send your copy digitally, first, but if courier is the only option then you can be sure that it will arrive safe with us.

Put documents in a hard-backed envelope specifically designed for the purpose. Make sure too that your courier offers some form of insurance – you can get details of our policies when you give us a call.

Even the Royal Mail do different services depending on the value of your parcel and whether you’d like it signed for upon arrival etc.


Prepare Artwork For International Shipping

art parcel for international shipping


Posting a canvas, or a framed or unframed artwork is a safe thing to do if the parcel is well-wrapped.

For a canvas, we need to wrap to minimise the risk of puncture. For a framed image, we wrap to minimise risk of broken glass.

Start by wrapping the piece in a few layers of acid-free wrapping paper. This is a specialist item, but it will prevent smudging or friction damage to the materials on the canvas or backing.

Add cardboard corner protectors to each corner. If you haven’t got any, you can make some from cardboard – just look for a template on Google.

Next, wrap with bubble wrap. The work should be entirely covered, with around 5 cm of bubble-wrap to provide adequate protection.

Now, cut two pieces of plywood or cardboard, a little bigger than the edges of the artwork. Sandwich them on either side and fix them in place with packaging tape.

After you’ve wrapped and extra wrapped your artwork, you need to put the work into a box. Make sure that the box is suitably padded – the inner, plywood protection shouldn’t touch the sides of the box, even at the bottom. Use packing foam pieces, newspaper, straw or scrunched up bubble wrap.

Seal the box with packing tape, and your artwork is ready for courier delivery.


How to Wrap Jewellery for International Shipping

jewelery parcel international delivery


Anything valuable is definitely a job for a reliable courier. Don’t take the risk!

If it’s a necklace or bracelet, do up the fastenings. Start by wrapping each item individually using tissue paper or bubble wrap.

If the item comes in a box, pack it within so that you can’t hear anything when you give the box a shake.

Now, you need to wrap that box and place it within a shipping box, once again packed to prevent movement within.

Make sure that the exterior of the box doesn’t indicate what its inside, and seal with a reinforced, gum tape.


How to Pack Any Parcel for International Shipping: General Tips


It sounds obvious, but double check the address! Have you got a postcode? Don’t forget to also add your return address so that an undelivered parcel can still make its way back to you.

It is also helpful to pop a contact name and number inside the parcel, just in case.

Repurposing packaging materials? Great! Just make sure that you have covered up any old addresses, as a postal worker may just glance and read the wrong one.

All packed, and looking for a reliable courier? Give us a call or email and we can take care of it!