Scotland’s Most Congested Roads Revealed


A new report by Inrix has revealed that outside London, Scotland has 2 of the top 3 most traffic congested routes in the UK.

It’s 5pm. All you want to do is go home, but you’re utterly helplessly stuck in traffic. It’s not just a few routes and roads that are bad, the major Scottish cities feature high up on the list of the most congested cities in the UK.

On the list of most congested cities in the UK, Aberdeen takes 3rd place, Edinburgh 5th and Glasgow 11th. The combined cost of congestion to the three cities exceeded £580 million in 2016. The cost is a combination of: value of fuel, time wasted and indirect costs related to freighting fees from company vehicles stuck in traffic.

most congested cities in the UK
Top 10 Most Congested Cities In The UK 2016


With drivers spending 24% of the time in gridlock, and moving at an average speed of 5.5 mph, Aberdeen overshadowed London during peak hours, and was the hardest city to get in or out of in the UK in 2016.

Neil Greig, Policy director of IAM RoadSmart, said that the Aberdeen situation might be about to change with the economy taking a hit from the contraction of the oil industry. “Maybe next year we will find Aberdeen is one of the least congested cities”

Despite only being in the 11th place, Glasgow has the three most congested roads in Scotland.

The 3 most congested roads in Scotland are..

#1 A83 Great Western Road
A83 Great Western Road topped the list with traffic averaging <13 mph between St George’s Cross and Anniesland.

#2 M74 Northbound
M74 northbound between junctions three and eight took second place with traffic averaging 34 mph during peak hours.

#3 M8 Westbound
The third most congested road was the M8 westbound through the city centre, where motorists averaged 29 mph during the pm rush hour.

Transport Scotland have invested £2.6 billion to maintain and improve trunk roads and motorways over the last 10 years, a large portion of the budget has gone to improving the M8.

Spokesman from Transport Scotland says:

When finished, this will reduce journey times along the M8 by around 20 minutes in peak periods, improve road safety, free up more road space, and the road infrastructure developed to support sustainable transport initiatives

We spend a lot of time on the road, and we’re quite excited for this grand finale of the M8. We can’t wait to drive from Glasgow to Edinburgh on a fully upgraded motorway, and if we can do so 20 minutes quicker than normal – that would be brilliant.

Whilst being stuck in traffic is a pain for us all, the Inrix president had a valid point to make about the cause or congestion:

So goes traffic, so goes the economy. While bad news for drivers, the rises in traffic congestion in Europe are signs of a slowly recovering economy

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a recovering economy, a soon finished M8, and some improvements to public transport so there’s a great and reliable alternative to taking the car.