Making a Courier Move: Eight Reasons Why Scottish Businesses Should Use Couriers

With the recently privatised Royal Mail implementing a series of above-inflation price hikes on the 31st of March this year, more and more Scottish businesses are using courier services. Here are eight reasons why yours should do the same.

1. Save Money

Business is all about the bottom line, so what incentive could be more appealing than the possibility of saving money? Local courier companies, like Caledonian Couriers, tend to have very competitive prices, especially compared to the ever-escalating costs of the Royal Mail.

2. Save Time

You might be spreading your staff, or yourself, thin, packaging items and running them down to the Post Office. This compounds the cost of the delivery with the cost of time away from work. A courier, on the other hand, will come to you.

3. It’s Easy

Book and track your delivery online. Simple.

4. Speed

Need something picked up and delivered as soon as humanly possible or within specific times? That’s what courier companies specialise in. Caledonian Couriers has vans and dedicated couriers on standby, to react immediately to same-day delivery requests.

5. Reliability

Generally, same-day couriers work door-to-door. Your package won’t change hands or gather dust in a warehouse. There is a smaller chance of items getting lost or, knowing the Scottish weather, drookit. Anything you send by courier will also be automatically insured; this is not the case with packages sent through the Post Office.

6. Delivering the Full Package

Some courier companies will offer related services. At Caledonia Couriers, we adopt the ‘Total Courier Management’ approach and offer archived storage and mass distribution, alongside our tailored deliveries.

7. The Road Less Travelled

Courier companies generally offer a large range of bespoke delivery options and will endeavour to work around a client’s needs. At Caledonian Couriers our drivers are trained and equipped to handle sensitive materials, such as blood, pathology specimens and medical supplies.

8. Glasgow, Scotland, the United Kingdom, Europe, The World

A lot of smaller courier companies find the majority of their clients in the local community, but those businesses might trade all around the world. Business doesn’t respect borders. So while Caledonia Couriers might have a long-running ‘Glasgow-to-Edinburgh Saver’ deal, we also operate in 220 countries and can provide next day delivery to the USA and Canada.

Couriering Favour

Of course, our opinion might be more-than-slightly biased, but we believe for all the above reasons and more that small, local courier services offer Scottish businesses an attractive alternative to the Post Office.