How Will Facebook’s New Food Delivery Service Work?

Last week, Facebook’s new food delivery service, previously only available in beta, was rolled out across the states. Users will now be able to order their take-away straight through the app

It seems like there are always new food delivery apps popping up, some of which make it big (Just Eat, Hungry House and Deliveroo) and some of which never really take on. We live in a world where we increasingly expect to be able to access things fast. Our freshly made pizza, or personalised shopping delivery, are no different.

The thing that is different here, though, is that Facebook is such a widely used app. 81% of app users already use Facebook, so naturally, we are interested to see how this all pans out!


facebook food delivery service


Facebook’s New Food Delivery Service: What Can I Order?

Facebook has teamed up with restaurants such as Five Guys, Papa John’s, TGI Friday’s, and more. They have also joined several existing food delivery companies, including EatStreet and, to provide these services.

The feature is integrated into the explore menu in the Facebook app. When the initial testing started at the beginning of 2017, Facebook said it was a part of their strategy for making the app more user-friendly. As Tech Crunch reported at the time, many features were being added to the app with the goal of keeping users in-app. Things like weather forecasts, games and movie listings are more and more accessible so that you don’t have to leave the app to find information.

However, we should mention here that delivery within the app is only currently available in the US. If the new initiative goes well, we’re sure it won’t be long before we start seeing it across the pond, too.

What’s In It For Users?

The aim of the game seems to be ease of use. In a recent Press Release on the Facebook Newsroom, Alex Himel, VP of Local, explained that:

“Today, we’re taking the time out of finding what you want to eat by officially launching the ability to order food for pick-up or delivery, directly on Facebook. People already go to Facebook to figure out what to eat by reading about nearby restaurants, and seeing what their friends say about them. So, we’re making it even easier.”

So not only are users able to access popular delivery services without exiting the Facebook app, but we can also see what our Facebook friends think of a delivery place before we try it.

How many times have you picked a takeaway place based purely on the five-star rating? Would you be more open to choosing a place if you saw that people you actually know have rated it highly?

What’s in it for Facebook?

One interesting aspect of these new developments is that Facebook will not take a share in any of the profits from the orders placed. Therefore, this is the latest in a string of initiatives designed to make Facebook an even more integral part of our daily lives than it already is.

Imagine this: you are trying to plan what to have for dinner and chatting on messenger with your other half/housemate/kids. It would certainly be a lot easier to succumb to a pizza delivery if every time you type ‘pizza’ or ‘fish and chips’, the option to order comes up immediately.

It seems that this might be the imagined future of the app – even if now the delivery option is still separate to messenger.

So for now, Facebook is forgoing profits in order to become more indispensable. But was ordering food really as difficult as Facebook were suggesting, before they rolled out these new in-app features? Would you use Facebook’s new food delivery service to order your takeout if the option became available in the UK?

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