How 2016 Rocked The Delivery Industry Boat

how 2016 rocked the delivery boat

2016 was not only the year where major political predictions we’re disproven (Hint hint, Brexit and Trump).
It was the year of the first robot delivered take-away, the first drone delivered Amazon parcel, and the first self-driving Uber ride.
Here’s a recap of what happened in 2016 in the delivery industry 🚚

Drone Deliveries

Back in June 2016 Amazon announced that the UK was selected for drone delivery testing. On December 7th 2016 the first Amazon drone delivery was delivered safely to its destination in Cambridge, 13 minutes after being ordered. Wowsa!
F. Manjoo from the New York Times said that this is only the beginning:

‘Amazon’s longer-term goal is more fantastical — and, if it succeeds, potentially transformative. It wants to escape the messy vicissitudes of roads and humans. It wants to go fully autonomous, up in the sky’ Farhad Manjoo, NY Times

A Warehouse In The Sky

As if drone-delivery wasn’t crazy enough, it was recently revealed that Amazon filed a patent back in 2014 on an ‘Airborne Fulfilment Center’. Zoe Leavitt from CB Insights tweeted her discovery on Wednesday 28th December 2016, claiming to have disclosed the e-commerce Death Star. Basically a flying warehouse equipped with drones.

The news have been received with humour and scepticism. We wonder, is Amazon still working on their Death Star of e-commerce or have they binned the idea of a warehouse in the sky?

Autonomous Driving

2016 was also the year where Uber rolled out their Self-driving fleet in California. However, it wasn’t long before the local DMW forced Uber to abort mission and remove the self-driving vehicles from the streets of San Francisco. Though this must have been embarrassing for the organisation, the fact that autonomous technology was considered advanced enough in the first place means that big things have happened, and are about to happen in the near future.

Dinner by bot

Simone from Greenwich was the first to have her takeaway delivered by robot from Just Eat.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the door to find a robot waiting to greet me – it was like something out of a movie,” said Simone.

The take-away bots use cameras and sensors to navigate the urban landscape, to avoid accidents and to deliver the customers dinner on time.

take away robot just eat

So what?

There are minor things that improve drastically alongside the bigger technological breakthroughs. GPS technology and tracking for example has become impressively precise over the last few years, thus making our tracking better, and our delivery estimates increasingly accurate.
These are improvements that we all benefit from; take away bots to old-fashioned couriers.

With all the that 2016 has brought, it will be exciting to see what 2017 has in store for us. We’re excited!

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