Glasgow SE Food Bank Needs Christmas Supplies – Can you Help?

Have you ever had to rely on a food bank to get you through the winter?

Most people who arrive at the doors of Glasgow SE food bank on Christmas day, say that they never thought things would get that bad.

It’s tough to ask for help sometimes, but everyone deserves it.

One visitor had found herself forced to choose between food and heating this Christmas, despite being degree-educated and having a family.


glasgow SE food bank


Poverty in the UK can affect anyone and there is no way of predicting who will need a bit of support in the lead-up to Christmas. That’s why we were more than delighted to pay a visit to our local food bank recently.

We spent a few hours delivering food donations on behalf of one of our very kind clients, whose employees had collected enough food to need a van delivery.

However, as you probably well-know, even a lot of food doesn’t go that far with a lot of mouths to feed. Last year, over 7000 emergency three-day food rations were handed out, and December and January are always the busiest months of the year.

The food bank is still trying to collect enough donations to get everybody in need through the festive season.

Can you help?


Anything from a small monetary donation to giving up some of your time would be an amazing boost for the food bank. Check out their website to find out how you could give back this Christmas.

Our vans have carried some precious cargo in their time, but for families who are running out of hope, emergency rations from a food bank can really make a huge difference. We look forward to helping out again in future where we can, and we hope you will join us!