Fuel Saving Tips to Save You Money

Have you ever wondered how to save on fuel costs without searching for the cheapest petrol? At Caledonian Couriers we know a bit (a lot actually!) about driving and, as fuel prices continue to rise and drivers’ wallets and purses becoming lighter, we thought we’d share some of our fuel saving tips.

Vehicle Maintenance

Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure

Under-inflated tyres can needlessly waste huge amounts of fuel as the engine needs more power. Check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for the correct tyre pressure. Try not to over inflate your tyres as this will reduce grip.

Regular services

Factors such as dirty engine components and unaligned or unbalanced wheels can increase fuel consumption so get your vehicle serviced regularly.

Before Driving

Lighten the load

The more weight you carry the more fuel you need to use so remove all unnecessary items in the boot, from seats, parcel shelf and glove box. If you have an empty roof box, take it off to reduce weight and drag.

Plan your journey

Sitting in queues and stopping and starting wastes fuel so try to avoid traffic congestion by checking the following websites before you set off:

If there is congestion on your route, plan a different one.

During Driving

Don’t accelerate sharply

Putting your foot heavily on the accelerator wastes a lot of fuel in a very short space of time so always accelerate gradually and smoothly.

Early gear changes

Gear changes at low revs (ideally between 2-3000rpm) will stop you from using more fuel.

Close the windows

Open windows and sunroofs create extra drag so try to keep them closed (not very appealing in hot weather though!).

Monitor Your Fuel Use

If your car has a miles per gallon gauge, use it! By easing your foot very slightly off the accelerator, you can usually maintain the same speed while increasing your miles per gallon.

And Finally…

Most car journeys are under two miles so why not leave your keys behind and walk or cycle instead.