Who are Caledonian Couriers?

Caledonian Couriers is a quality independent courier. We’ve been delivering your most important parcels since 1994! Find out more about us on our About page

Where do you deliver to?

In short, everywhere! Using our own dedicated fleet and our close knit network of delivery partners we can get packages to every corner of the Earth.

How can I pay?

All of our payment options are quick, simple and secure! We support several payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, Delta and American Express.

Do you track my package?

Of course! Our customer service team monitor and track all our deliveries.

How do I check the price of a delivery?

Easily. Just speak with one of our friendly, experienced members of staff who will provide you with an accurate quote.

Is my package insured?

Yes of course !, However there are a few exceptions and a qualified member of our team would be happy to discuss these with you at the time of placing your booking.

How do I suggest an improvement?

If you have any comments about how you feel we could improve, head on over to our Contact Us page for details on how to get in touch.