4 Odd, Funny And Slightly Tragic Delivery Stories From Around The World

pizza bot vs greek runners

Couriers have been around for thousands and thousands of years. From the ‘runners’ of ancient Greece all the way through to the modern autonomous pizza bots that roam the streets of London.

The delivery industry is one that will probably never cease to exist. At least, not until the day where we learn how to teleport parcels and takeaway food from one place to another.

We’ve been in the industry for many years, and we’ve heard and experienced our share of odd delivery stories.

Here are four stories we’ve heard on the road.


Sorry we couldn’t reach you: ‘bear at door’

An elderly woman in Canada came home one night after having been out all day to a slightly different ‘Sorry we couldn’t reach you’ card.

The courier had been by to deliver a parcel midday, but a brown bear had been at the door.

Fair play Canada Post, fair play.


‘We deliver where needed’

Dory from Dorset ordered a microwave from an online store and a couple of days later, the courier was en-route. So far so good.

But as the van neared the house, it veered off a slope and through the wall into the kitchen. Luckily no one was hurt (not even the microwave) but it’s probably fair to say that everyone got a good surprise.

A guy passing Dory’s house got a very comical photo of the van half in the kitchen complete with its slogan ‘Deliver where needed’ emblazoned on the side.

Maybe take the slogan a little less seriously next time?


Parcel locks homeowners inside

A few years back, a couple down in England were locked in their home as a parcel had been placed so tightly between the porch tiles and the doorknob that the knob would not turn.

The delivery driver had knocked on the door and, as no-one answered, left the parcel on the porch so the couple would see it upon their return. Unfortunately, both were inside but just hadn’t heard the knock.

The unfortunate couple got out eventually after calling for backup and the delivery guy never wrenched parcels in tight spaces again — or so we hope!


Posting a child

On the first day of 1913, the United States Post Office started allowing large parcels to be shipped through the mail. The story made headlines all over and many Americans embraced the decision.

One particular couple really embraced this new exciting large parcel delivery and mailed their eight-month-old son to his grandparents. They reckoned the postal service would be faster, safer and more convenient than any other type of transportation.

posting a child

The baby weighed slightly less than the 11-pound limit that the Post Office had imposed. The delivery cost the child’s parents a meagre 15 cents. In ensuring the safety of the child, the parents bought a $50 insurance policy. Amazingly, he arrived safely.

The story made headlines all over and more parents opted to use this ‘revolutionary’ baby transport system. But it only lasted a few weeks as the Post Office quickly outlawed the delivery of children through its service.

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