Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas: Christmas 2017

For our November post, we’re all about the Christmas spirit.

We might not have come up with any ideas for actual presents yet, but you can bet that we’ve already started looking at gorgeous paper-wrapping trends for this winter!

Cool? Not really.

Fun? YES!

We are a courier company, after all. If you love to make present-wrapping a ceremony in itself, then you will love checking out these ideas. Get the gifts out, warm up the mulled wine and let’s get planning those gorgeous parcels for under the tree.

Creative Gift Wrapping: The 2017 Edit


creative gift wrapping ideas


Kraft Paper and Block Colours

This is a really striking look for parcels, and it’s also a more affordable way to wrap! You can get a lot of brown paper for your money, and just jazz it up with brightly coloured ribbons.


Kraft Paper Reindeer

We love this cute and creative gift wrapping. If you have kids who love helping out with the wrapping, then this could be a very cool collaboration to work on, together!

Pom-Pom Party

Pom-poms are fairly simple to make, although they may take a wee while depending on how many presents you are wrapping! Making your own means that they will be made from the string or wool you tie them with, so everything will match marvellously.

Dried Spice and Fruit

This idea is a little OTT, but we love it.
Get yourself some dried, festive potpourri which looks and smells fantastic. Then, attach it to your wrapping either with a hot glue gun, or by tying it on carefully. These presents will smell as beautiful as they look!

Fresh Herbs

Along the same lines as the dried spice wrapping, we also love these ideas with fresh herbs and sprays of green! These should last about ten days, so are only suitable for wrapping fairly soon before the big day itself. Try winding rosemary into a wreath, or tucking under the festive parcel string.

Whichever method you go for, make sure that you wrap anything destined for the post as carefully as possible. And double-check your last posting dates, especially if your gifts have far to travel.

Have a very merry christmas when it comes, and don’t forget, we’re here to help with any last-minute deliveries! Just get in touch.