The Ins and Outs of Eco Friendly Packaging

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 was a shock to the system for consumers and businesses alike – the reality behind our excessive plastic consumption is not a pretty sight. Consumer priorities have been shifting for years in regards to the … Continued

Clever Infrastructure Ideas From Around The World

Countries around the world are developing clever infrastructure ideas that augment their legacy infrastructure and add considerable value for local residents. Whether it’s reducing harmful waste production or generating renewable energy, these innovations keep the transport industry moving forward and … Continued

UberEats Launches in Glasgow

Everything you need to know about the new food delivery service around town The company behind the taxi service Uber have just launched their new on-demand food delivery service in Glasgow. How it works? Similar to their taxi service, everything … Continued

Dude, where’s my diesel?

To some the soothing chug of a diesel engine is something nice, a gentle therapeutic rumble. To others it’s dull boring burring that’s better suited to the field or canal than the motorway. Where you come down on the Great … Continued

The Tartan Tesla Rises

Cycling Scotland has today announced that Edinburgh is now the cycling capital of Scotland, with one in ten people (in certain parts of the capital) opting to cycle to work. The achievement is the latest in a run of green … Continued

Drive Smart: 6 Tips for Fantastic Fuel Efficiency

Caledonian Couriers is a company based on tarmac. We make our living traversing the roads that criss cross the cities, countries and continents of this giant blue marble. When you drive as much as we do, fuel efficiency is important. … Continued

Caledonian Couriers Go Carbon Neutral

“Firms with carbon plans outperform those without.” CDP/PWC Research, 2011 Caledonian Courier Company has taken a significant step in the Eco Friendly direction by being C02e Assessed by Carbon Footprint Ltd. In all, during the period between1 March 2011 to … Continued