April Fools or Behind the Times?

On 1st April, Edinburgh News ran a story claiming that driverless trams were set for an appearance on Edinburgh’s roads by 2017. Here’s the story. While very few people actually fell for the April Fools’ story, it got us thinking … Continued

Calls to Copy Edinburgh’s Speed Limits

Back in 2014, Edinburgh Council announced they planned to implement a city-wide network of 20mph zones. The network was based on an extensive public consultation which collected over 3000 responses. The proposed network map was approved by councilors back in … Continued

Network Rail Line Up Edinburgh Waverley for Sale

Government-backed Network Rail is set to hawk Edinburgh Waverly and some of its other biggest stations in its first privatisation bid since being brought under the government’s wing 18 months ago. Network Rail has hired multinational investment bank Citigroup to … Continued

Jonas Is Coming: Wet Weather Driving Advice

Storm Jonas — the weather front that has been battering the eastern coast of the United States — has set off across the Atlantic … and is currently heading right for Scotland. Over the past week, the eastern coast of … Continued

The Good, Bad and Newcomer of the Delivery Industry

There’s been lots happening in the delivery industry over the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately nothing involved driverless cars or drones so our usual blog segments will have to stay in storage for a little longer. It’s been exciting though, … Continued

Dude, where’s my diesel?

To some the soothing chug of a diesel engine is something nice, a gentle therapeutic rumble. To others it’s dull boring burring that’s better suited to the field or canal than the motorway. Where you come down on the Great … Continued

How do you solve a problem like driverless cars?

On the sweeping mountain roads of California purrs a little white Noddy car, carefully eating up mile after mile of pristine tarmac. For turn after turn and straight after straight, it drives without incident until someone – not something – causes an … Continued

The Solar Sparrow Touches Down

On the 9th of March 2015, an airplane took off from an air strip inAbu Dhabi, pointed its nose towards Oman and flew off into the sunset. While that might not be a noteworthy series of events on the surface, … Continued

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Drones

It’s been pretty quiet on the Drone Watch front in recent months. Amazon Air were grounded with red tape. Lakemaid were told to delivery their beer by normal means. Australia ummed and awed, trying to decide whether or not drones … Continued

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