Scotland’s three most dangerous high streets

Some roads are notorious as playgrounds for speeding drivers, others are infamous for their tight winding turns, capable of dislodging cars in the blink of an eye. These strips of tarmac, however, are neither. These are Scotland’s most dangerous high … Continued

75% of People Back Speed Awareness Courses

It’s been a long week at work and the road home seems to have got longer and longer every single day. As you roll to a stop behind yet another set of glowing red lights, the first hints of frustration … Continued

How 2016 Rocked The Delivery Industry Boat

2016 was not only the year where major political predictions we’re disproven (Hint hint, Brexit and Trump). It was the year of the first robot delivered take-away, the first drone delivered Amazon parcel, and the first self-driving Uber ride. Here’s a … Continued

How hackers broke San Francisco’s transport system

In a country where public transport a borderline dirty word, San Francisco’s Municipal Transport Agency (MTA) is a glowing beacon of efficiency. Originally designed to transport residents between any two points in the city using no more than two trains/buses … Continued

The £250,000 Prize for Transport Ideas

The boss of high street retailer Next, Lord Simon Wolfson, has stumped up a £250,000 prize to whoever proposes the most innovative transport idea. The winning suggestion will be announced at next year’s Wolfson Economics Prize. The Wolfson Economics Prize … Continued

Top 8 Apps for Tech Savvy Travellers

Disclaimer: While these apps are built for travel, you should not use them while driving. Using your phone in a vehicle isn’t just illegal but it puts your fellow motorists and pedestrians in danger.   As a courier company we spend a … Continued

August Newsletter

ISO 9001 ISO 9001 It’s a clean bill of health for Caledonian. Having achieved ISO 9001 : 2008 in 2015 we have again been approved by for 2016-17. Management system standards are highly prestigious and demanded worldwide by business and … Continued

Amazon Selects the UK for Drone Delivery Tests

Since the very first day it launched, Amazon has relied on commercial delivery companies like DHL, DPD, Hermes, Yodel and the Royal Mail to deliver its parcels. Now, that looks to be changing. For the past couple of years, Amazon … Continued

Brakes on for national 20mph limit

Earlier this year, we wrote about the renewed calls for major Scottish cities to copy Edinburgh’s lead and roll out 20mph limits to their streets. The response was — to put it mildly — mixed. Some pointed to Portsmouth, saying that other major … Continued

Boris Bikes Pulled from Dumfries Streets

Six years after launching, Dumfries version of London’s Boris Bikes has been pulled from the streets. The £155,000 Bike2Go scheme was launched back in 2010 but failed to generate strong support over its five years of operation. Bike2Go was the … Continued

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