Transport and the Commonwealth Games

Caledonian Couriers is a proud supporter of the Commonwealth Games. While we can’t wait for the games to begin, we also recognise that the city faces an unprecedented logistical challenge. In this post, we’ll examine how Glasgow will cope with … Continued

A Space for Transport Innovation

Teleportation, personal helicopters and James Bond-esque jetpacks. These are the transport methods that sprung to mind when I heard of the new Transport Systems Catapult’s ‘Imovation Centre’ opening in England last week. In reality the innovators, entrepreneurs and research organisations … Continued

A Driverless Car: Coming Soon to Streets Near You

The future is driverless. At least that’s the story according to tech giant Google. Last week, the California-based company unveiled the newest generation vehicle in its series of driverless cars. Although Google has been experimenting with driverless cars since 2005, … Continued

Scotland’s 7 Most Dangerous Roads

At Caledonian Couriers, we regularly travel the length and breadth of the country and have encountered most if not all major roads in Scotland. With the most perilous often offering the most beautiful views, Scotland has some of the best … Continued

Caledonain Couriers wins two Awards

At the recent National Courier Association AGM, Caledonian Couriers were the winners of the ‘Members choice Courier Company Of the Year’ Scottish and Irish Region and in addition to this we were awarded the  ‘National Independant Courier Company Of The … Continued

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