The Driving in Europe Checklist

Many UK families travel to Europe for their summer holidays. Whilst driving in Europe is much like driving in the UK, there are a few key differences you need to be aware of. If you don’t know the rules and … Continued

5 Absurd Things We’ve Launched Into Space

Back in February 2018, Elon Musk surprised the world as he revealed his old red Tesla had been sent into space. Although a bizarre stunt for publicity, it seems Mr Musk wasn’t the first to come up with such a … Continued

Caledonian Couriers En Route To Five Stars

Back in November we applied to join the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme and we were thrilled to find out that we were the 100th company in Glasgow to become a member. The ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme is a … Continued

London Named One Of The World’s Smartest Cities

Last week, Singapore, Barcelona and London were named the world’s top smart cities in a report by Philips Lighting and Smart Cities World.     Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, said that smart cities are all about making people’s … Continued

How to Prepare A Parcel for International Shipping

There are a few things that you need to consider before packing a parcel for international shipping. The last thing you want is to risk your goods not arriving in pristine condition, or worse not arrive at all! We’ve summarised … Continued

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas: Christmas 2017

For our November post, we’re all about the Christmas spirit. We might not have come up with any ideas for actual presents yet, but you can bet that we’ve already started looking at gorgeous paper-wrapping trends for this winter! Cool? … Continued

How Will Facebook’s New Food Delivery Service Work?

Last week, Facebook’s new food delivery service, previously only available in beta, was rolled out across the states. Users will now be able to order their take-away straight through the app.  It seems like there are always new food delivery … Continued

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