Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Car

The long, dusky evening barbecues of September are gone. It’s mid-October, it’s getting dark by six o’clock and the air is icy cold.It’s getting wintery. In a few more weeks, you’ll be able to whip up mulled wine and break … Continued

First Group Pipped to the £2.5bn Post

Beset transport multinational FirstGroup has lost out to Dutch upstart Abellio as operator of the £2.5bn ScotRail franchise. Not even a series of witty Commonwealth themed station signs could save FirstGroup from a slow, languorous demise on Scottish rails. This … Continued

Welcome to the City of Tomorrow – Pt. 1

In January this year, Beijing saw its air pollution hit the highest toxicity levels ever. On a scale that runs between 1 and 500, it somehow managed to score 755. When levels between 301 and 500 are described as “Hazardous” … Continued

A Union of Engineers

Last week, I sat on the eve of the referendum and wrote about Scotland’s decorated engineering heritage. We walked down Memory Lane and basked in the glory of Scottish engineering greatness. (We also discovered how Tesla unduly takes all the credit for … Continued

Scotland & Transport: A Love Story

This morning at seven o’clock, Scotland’s polling stations threw their doors wide and invited in the public in to determine the future of their country. So, while breakfast shows, news channels and political pundits concentrate on the future, we’re taking … Continued

Scottish Independence and Transport Part 2: Power

With the referendum now only a few months away, we have been looking at what Scottish independence would mean for transport. In our second article on Scottish independence and transport we look at how power is shared, and could be … Continued

Scotland: Gateway to the Stars

The UK’s first ever spaceport will probably be in Scotland. The Civil Aviation Authority has named eight possible spaceport locations from which they are considering launching spaceplanes like Skylon (pictured above) and Virgin Galactic’s Spaceshiptwo. Six of them are north … Continued

Scottish Independence and Transport Part 1: Wealth

Alex Salmond might have rescued Glasgow’s public transport system during the Commonwealth Games last month (apparently), but will the push for independence that he is so inextricably a part of have the same positive effect on Scottish transport as a … Continued

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