An Uber Mac With Fries

When peer-to-peer file sharing service Napster was closed down in July 2001, many thought that would be the end to the story. However, Napster proved that it takes substantially more than a hefty injunction on your doorstep to keep an … Continued

Rise of the Ghost Car

In good news for fans of iRobot, the government has announced that “real world” tests of driverless cars can begin immediately on UK roads. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing unmanned cars floating along the M8 any time soon. … Continued

A Flurry of Speed Petitions

In the last few weeks there has been a flurry of petitions for and against speed limits up and down the country. Some say speed limits are unnecessary, some say they are too strict and some say the limits don’t … Continued

Royal Mail Predicts Delivery Bust

Following the domestic delivery crisis and the collapse of City Link on Christmas Eve, the boss of Royal Mail has predicted that further companies will go under in the near future.   Last month, we wrote extensively on the building … Continued