A Year in Review

I’m not sure how it happened but we’ve almost run out of 2014. While it still feels like June (minus the weather), the calendar doesn’t lie: we’ve got three days left. Rather than contemplate the inexorable march of time, we … Continued

5 (More) Bizarre Things Sent In The Mail

Back in July we brought you the 5 Strangest Deliveries Ever. However, as we all know, the world is a particularly odd place and only a fool would think that there had only ever been 5 strange deliveries. So we … Continued

9 Bizarre Driving Facts

A record was broken this week. No, Usain Bolt did not limbo under 9.58 seconds. No one has beaten Aaron Caissie’s record of 19 spoons balanced on one’s face at one time, either. This record is much more impressive. A Glaswegian … Continued

Drive Smart: 6 Tips for Fantastic Fuel Efficiency

Caledonian Couriers is a company based on tarmac. We make our living traversing the roads that criss cross the cities, countries and continents of this giant blue marble. When you drive as much as we do, fuel efficiency is important. … Continued