Scottish Independence and Transport Part 2: Power

With the referendum now only a few months away, we have been looking at what Scottish independence would mean for transport. In our second article on Scottish independence and transport we look at how power is shared, and could be … Continued

Scotland: Gateway to the Stars

The UK’s first ever spaceport will probably be in Scotland. The Civil Aviation Authority has named eight possible spaceport locations from which they are considering launching spaceplanes like Skylon (pictured above) and Virgin Galactic’s Spaceshiptwo. Six of them are north … Continued

Scottish Independence and Transport Part 1: Wealth

Alex Salmond might have rescued Glasgow’s public transport system during the Commonwealth Games last month (apparently), but will the push for independence that he is so inextricably a part of have the same positive effect on Scottish transport as a … Continued

The Man Who Built a £150,000 Road

Over the past few days Mike Watts has been called an entrepreneur, a businessman, a genius, a gambler and a fool. One thing’s for sure, though, Mike Watts is brave. If you’ve missed out this week’s reports on England’s newest … Continued