5 More Crazy Transport Proposals

Our series on the future of transport continues with five more transport proposals that are straight out of science fiction. The craziest thing is that early prototypes of some of these are already in place around the world.   1. … Continued

The 5 Strangest Deliveries Ever

Yesterday I was sent a link to an article from Bristol’s Western Daily Press. It was about a postal worker who had to abandon their van because a swarm of bees has escaped a parcel in the back. Yes, you … Continued

Lewis Hamilton on the Streets of Glasgow?

When motor racing moves from the track to the streets everything changes. The inch perfect tarmac is replaced with a patchwork mesh. The perfect sheet of black is absent, instead there’s an incomprehensible scrawl of road markings. Where there should … Continued

5 Quirky Transport Proposals

If you’ve been paying attention to our blogs, you know that we like to think of ourselves as futurist tech-geeks. We’ve been doing our best to keep on top of the latest advances, from the rise of drone delivery services … Continued

When Scotland’s Roads Glowed Green

At around 2.30am on Saturday 11th July a convoy of military lorries drove through Glasgow. A lot of convoys pass through Glasgow and ordinarily I wouldn’t bring them up. However, these vehicles were carrying six 100-kiloton nuclear weapons. That’s the destructive equivalent … Continued

8 Damning Facts About The Edinburgh Trams

If you’ve had anything to do with Edinburgh in recent years, you are sure to have heard someone complain about the ‘(insert explicit word here) trams’. With the entire endeavour mired in controversy, the first minister Alex Salmond has now … Continued